Ways to Give

There are so many ways to contribute

The National Federation of the blind of Washington is solely made up of volunteers. People who know the importance of ensuring individuals who are blind or visually impaired can live the life they desire. As volunteers:

  • we give of our time, expertise and passion willingly
  • We know and understand the power of a group of voices raised together
  • We believe that children who are blind or visually impaired have a right to the same educational opportunities as their sighted peers
  • We are excited to meet with our local, county, state and national representatives to discuss legislative concerns
  • We gladly attend resource fairs, markets and other events to share the message of the National Federation of the Blind of Washington
  • We take the opportunity to mentor both formally and informally
  • We are there when seniors start losing their vision and start to question whether or not they can continue to live independently
  • We enjoy building a community that uplifts all individuals who are blind or visually impaired so they may attain their dreams and potential
  • All these things are possible when we have the people and the finances. Your contribution helps fund outreach, scholarships and continued advocacy for all blind and visually impaired Washingtonians.

    Here are a few ways to partner with the NFBW:

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