Braille Is Beautiful

Braille is Beautiful: A Diversity Awareness Program for Sighted Children

This innovative program teaches sighted students how to read and write the Braille alphabet code and increases students’ sensitivity to and understanding of blind persons. The program targets grades four through six. However, it can also be used effectively with younger or older children and in community youth programs as well as in the classroom.

“Braille Is Beautiful is a flexible, hands-on program [that] . . . aims to help sighted students in grades four through six understand not only Braille but also the many capabilities and achievements of blind people.” — NEA Today, April 2002

“After using Braille Is Beautiful, I saw my students become more understanding of children in other areas as well, whether it was a disability or just a kid who wasn’t as quick at a given subject.” — Fifth Grade Teacher

The National Federation of the Blind of Washington has several Braille is Beautiful Kits for presentation to groups interested in this dynamic program. If you wish to learn more call (425) 823-6380 or email at